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Armstrong Nautical Deck Plates Completely Seal Against Water Intrusion

Armstrong Deck Plates. Built to be the best.

Note: If you are replacing an Armstrong Deck Plate for an Armstrong Outboard Motor Bracket you MUST measure the diameter of the hole in the bracket, we will need to know that number!

Armstrong Deck Plates were developed in 1992. Truly water proof, Armstrong deck plates were developed for Armstrong Brackets out of the need for a deck plate that was watertight, easy to remove and replace and extremely strong. Additionally, Armstrong Deck Plates require no bezel or trim ring saving time and money during installation. You need only to cut a hole in a relatively smooth, flat surface and seal the edge, no messy goops or goo’s to clean up, no screws to bed. Armstrong Deck Plates come in 4 different sizes and 3 different colors and are CE certified for any place above the waterline on a boat!
Armstrong Nautical Products are Made in USA
Deck plates by Armstrong Nautical
Armstrong Nautical Products

Are Your Deck Plates this Watertight?

Slash your Costs with Armstrong's Deck Plates

  • No trim ring to install
  • No fasteners
  • No sealant or caulking
  • No clean-up
  • No lost, broken or dirty parts
  • Easy installation
  • Tool-free operation

Made In the USA

Protect your boat, your equipment and your reputation with Armstrong watertight deck plates.


Armstrong Nautical Products are Made in USA
Armstrong Nautical Deck Plates
Armstrong Nautical Products

Deck Plates

Armstrong Deck Plates Completely Seal Against Water Intrusion

The Armstrong Watertight Compression Deck Plate offers the boat manufacturer an alternative to the industry’s standard hatch cover. The Armstrong Deck Plate will reduce boat manufacturing costs and replace the outdated “pie-eye” with a stronger, better looking access cover. Deck Plates are available in black, cream or white. 

Armstrong Nautical Products

ARMSTRONG Deck Plate vs. Brand ``X``

Installation Comparison

As demonstrated in our slideshow, Armstrong Nautical Deck Plate Installation is simple, affective and is complete in four easy steps. In comparison, brand “X” installation is complete in eight arduous steps.

Get The Deck Plates That Are Watertight!

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