Armstrong Nautical Products Brand

Repower . . . an investment opportunity to breathe new life into your old boat!

Repower the hull you love with an Armstrong positive flotation bracket and outboards to give your boat NEW LIFE … after all, your family deserves the best in performance, safety and reliability!!!

Armstrong matches the outboard engine bracket to your particular boat and motor combination.  Complete the bracket information form and contact us today to get the best return on your Boating Investment!

Armstrong Nautical Products are Made in USA

Outboard Motor Brackets

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Armstrong Nautical Products Brand

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Armstrong Nautical Products Brand

Benefits of Repower

  • More usable space inside your boat
  • Easier access, in or out of the water
  • More positive flotation
  • Boat performs like a larger craft
  • Drier backing down on fish
  • Convenience of outboards combined with the safety of a full transom

Armstrong Repower

See the Transformation

NOTE: Click center arrows and move up and down to see before and after image.

Armsrtong Nautical Repower BracketsAfter Armstrong Nautical Repower brackets installation

Start Loving Your Boat Again

To order your bracket call our knowledgeable technical support staff at 1-772-286-7204, or click below to fill out our on-line request for quote form.