Hi . . . she runs in the low 40’s with full fuel and 2 aboard, would only hit high 30’s with the V8 I/O and would eat almost twice the fuel . . . I’m very happy with it . . . yea we could use another decal, it got damaged on the install, the only glitch we had .

Thanks again!
_ Mike D.

I’m very happy with it!

We recently purchased new deckplates from you and had them installed. I was pleasantly surprised when we used our boat this past weekend to find not a drop of water inside.

Mark me up as a very satisfied customer.

Thanks for a fine product.


Deck Plates – Mark me up as a very satisfied customer

I would like to order some more deck plates. These have to be one of the best products we have used and beat the traditional inspection port hatches hands down. I will be changing all our hatches over to these in our new builds and would anticipate to use somewhere between 60 and 90 per year.


Deck Plates – These have to be one of the best products we have used

Enclosed please find the pictures of the old deck plate and the new Armstrong deck plate that not only looks fantastic but works like a charm. It was so easy to install, I can see why people can’t believe it until they install one.

What a terrific product, simple, well built, easy to install and like the saying goes, “What ever floats your boat”, Armstrong will float your boat.

I had the pleasure of using one of the first Armstrong brackets on my 28 foot center console which was built over 20 years ago. I kept the boat for 17 years, went all through the Islands and the State of Florida with no problems.

Thank you for that enjoyable product too. Your company is the best for quality and service in the boating industry. Something hard to find now a days.

Capt. David

Armstrong deck plate that not only looks fantastic but works like a charm

I cannot begin to tell you what an improvement your new ladder is. We must have used it 1000 times during July and August. The kids loved it, the dog climbed right up and we have boarded the boat numerous times with full dive gear on!

Thank you, thank you. How can something as simple as well designed ladder make or break a summer vacation? Well…it does, it made ours!

Many thanks,


Boarding Ladders – I cannot begin to tell you what an improvement your new ladder is

I just wanted you to know that the bracket works great. The transom is up at least two inches. The ride is also improved now that I have the bow in the water.

Thanks for your help with the boat.

One or two Heinekens went down in Armstrong’s names this weekend.

Thanks again,


The Bracket Works Great

Thanks for taking the time as always to point us in the right direction. I’m sure we will talk soon as we always have a project going and we love Armstrong Brackets. Our 1978 26 Bertram rides like a dream with the bracket and better yet the stance sitting at the dock keeps the engines out of the water where most boats sag in the back. We truly can’t say enough for your products if you ever have an old Bertram person on the fence you can surely use us as a recommendation!


We Love Armstrong Brackets